Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your shoes true to Size?
Every Shoe must be taken on a shoe by shoe bases. If you are a Size 7, can you walk in to Macy’s and wear all Size 7’s on the rack. They will all have a different Fit, it is the Manufacturer that dictates the Fit of their shoes.

2. Have these shoes been Washed or Cleaned?
We Hand Wash and Hand Polish all the shoes we sell provided the Materials will allow for it. We want you to be happy with the shoes you buy from us.

3. What is the best way to assure a proper Fit, when ordering on line?
The best way to assure a proper fit is to know the Measurement of the Shoes you were now. This will give you a bases on how the shoes you are buying will fit you.

4. Can I get a discount is I buy more than one pair?
I have many Buyers that are buying to resale our shoes. We will be happy to work out a Purchase price for you when your purchase exceeds Fifty Pair in one order. The Cost of the Order will include the cost of Shipping the order to your USA Address.

5. I have many shoes that I no longer wear, do you Buy Shoes from your Buyers?
We will buy shoes, on very rare occasions. Some of the Factors that keep us from Buying Shoes is, the cost of Shipping them, the Condition of the Shoes, and the asking Price. If you are able to provide a reasonable margin for us, we will consider Buying your Shoes.